For the past decade, Patrick Henningsen has helped to inform and educate audiences internationally on some of the most important geopolitical and cultural issues facing the world today. As an effective independent voice and outspoken media critic, he has consistently challenged the mainstream line on western military adventurism and deep state geopolitics, as well as being an vocal advocate for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Patrick has done extensive on-the-ground reporting and research in the US, Europe and the Middle East including a recent five week fact-finding mission in Syria, as well as work in Iraq and in Lebanon. As an independent analyst he's known for his candid commentary and timely predictions on breaking trends and events in global affairs, and as a public speaker he's been recognized for his dynamic but down-to-earth presentation style and media workshops. He is also the founder and managing editor of the successful independent news and media analysis website 21st Century Wire.com and host of popular weekly SUNDAY WIRE radio show which broadcasts live weekly on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR). In November 2016, he launched a new weekly show on terrestrial AM radio 'Patrick Henningsen LIVE' on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX broadcasting to one of America's top talk radio markets in Greater Phoenix. He has also appeared in a number of international publications including Consortium News, UK Column, The Guardian, Global Research, Ron Paul Institute, New Dawn Magazine (Australia), and also on leading global networks like RT News International, Al Jazeera, ITN (UK), CGTN (China), Indus News (PK), Edge Media (SKY 200 UK) and US syndicated radio shows Fault Lines Radio, and Coast to Coast AM.

What began as a personal journey in questioning wars and 'humanitarian interventions,' soon developed into a lifelong pursuit in investigating, analyzing and narrating important international events. After graduating from Cal Poly SLO in 1993, Patrick worked in the field of graphic design and visual arts field before moving on to corporate communications, PR and events, working with clients in the media, high-tech, finance, fashion and music industries.

In 2003, like millions of others who took to the streets in protest of the impending Iraq War, Patrick became active in the international peace movement, taking that inspiration forward as co-creator of the international open source public art project called, Chalk4Peace. In 2004, he helped to organise the first-ever Peace Cycle from London to Jerusalem to help raise awareness of the plight of Palestinians under Israeli occupation and to promote international solidarity with that cause. In 2006, he was co-creator of the Soho Rainforest Jam music festival in London to raise support for the preservation of virgin rainforest in the Amazon basin. Spurred on by these issues, he started blogging in 2006 and through the peace activism community, gained experience as a contributor on a series of documentary film projects with grassroots media and arts collectives covering anti-war demonstrations in London and other issues, before eventually launching his own independent news and analysis portal 21WIRE in late 2009. He has since produced a wide range of work in writing, radio, TV and film, and as a journalist covering a newsworthy events on the ground in the US, Europe and the Middle East.


Patrick is a dynamic public speaker who has presented at a number of live events internationally. For more information of how to book an event contact us here.

Patrick reporting from Aleppo, Syria (2017)


Member - British Association of Journalists

University of Plymouth, UK
MA in International Relations and Global Security (2018)

California Polytechnic State University SLO

Bachelor of Science, Applied Art & Design (1993)


Other Activities:

USS Pacific Age Group Swimming Coach (1989 - 1992)
US Masters Swimming National Finalist (1993)

EBA National League Level 2 Basketball Coach (1994)



2020 - AV11: 'COVID Crisis and The New Order' (Virtual)


2019 - Imperialism on Trial: Free Julian Assange (London, England)

Topic: 'What is Justice?'

2019 - Imperialism on Trial: Free Julian Assange (London, England)

Topic: 'The Illusion of Due Process'


2019 - AV10: 'Embrace the Chaos' (Milton Keynes, England)

Topic: Masters of the Narrative: Comparative Analysis of Alternative & Mainstream Echo Chambers
Breakout Workshop: How to Spot Fake News

2019 - Imperialism on Trial: 'Establishment's War on Journalism'
(Derry, Northern Ireland)

Topic: How the Media Lied About Syria

2019 - Imperialism on Trial: The State (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Topic: How the Media Lied in Syria

2018 - AV9.1: Democracy in Chains (London, England)

Topic: Soft Fascism, Smart Power: The Integrity Initiative

2018 - AV9: Humanity on the Cusp (Milton Keynes, England)

Topic: Manipulates Public Opinion in for War

2017 - Middle East Conflict: Radical Groups & Ideologies (Tirana, Albania)

via Remote Link
Topic: "Defeat of Daesh: Lesson from Syria and Iraq"

2017 - International Conference for Dialogue on Counterterrorism
Hosted by the Iraqi Government (Baghdad, Iraq)

Topic: "US Framing of Sectarian Narratives in Iraq & Syria"

2017 - Public Symposium: Media on Trial (London, England)
Topic: "Mainstream Fake News Leads to War"

2017 - AV 8.1: Transhumanist Agenda (London, England)
Topic: "Artificial Intelligence is Coming: Then What?"

2017 - Public Symposium: Media on Trial (Frome, England)
Topic: "Mainstream Media: Instruments of War"

2017 - New Mexico University (Albuquerque, NM)
Undergraduate Foreign Policy and Security Studies
via Remote Link
Topic: "Syria: Media & Geopolitics"

2017 - Alternative View 8 Conference (Milton Keynes, England)

Topic: “The Genealogy of Mainstream Fake News”

2017 - Lebanese International University (Beirut, Lebanon)
Undergraduate Dept: Political Studies
Topic: "Syria: A Media War"

2017 - 6th International Conference for Palestinian Intifada (Tehran, Iran)
Member of international delegation


2016 - Glastonbury Symposium (Somerset, England)

Topic: “A Single Blade of Grass: Making a Difference”

2016 - Alternative View 7 Conference (Milton Keynes, England)

Topic: “Challenging Consensus Reality”

2016 - American University of Technology (Byblos, Lebanon)
Topic: “Soft Power & the Human Rights Industry”


2015 - Alternative View 6 Conference (Daventry, England)
Topic: “David and Goliath in Nevada”

2014 - Alternative View 5 Conference (Daventry, England)
Topic: “Bending Reality: Media Manipulation”

2013 - Chemical Warfare Symposium (Covent Garden, London)
Topic: "Big Agra & The Chemical Weapons Complex"

2013 - Edinburgh University Debate Union (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Debate: "Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?”

2013 - Glastonbury Symposium (Somerset, England)
Topic: "Media Mindscaping: Who's Telling the Truth?"

2013 - UKC Leveson Inquiry Symposium (Notting Hill, London)
Topic: "Is the Free Press Really Free?"

2012 - Alternative View Conference (Covent Garden, London)
Topic: "Post 2012: Lifting of the Veil"

2011 - Tent City University, Occupy LSX (City of London)
Topic: “Deep State & The Revolution Business”

2008 - International Day of Peace (Beirut, Lebanon)
Topic: “Chalk4Peace”



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